Sexual Issues

sexual issues

There are many sexual issues but there a few that are common amongst the males and females. The males cannot get an erection or have a difficult time getting an erection, they ejaculate too quickly and some men get an erection but have a difficult time ejaculating. Some of these problems could be caused from childhood when someone told the child something that was not true and the child subconsciously believed it and created a negative belief. Some of the problems could be from a bad experience from one of their early experiences. For women, one of the most common issues is not being able to have an orgasm which makes it seem like sex is something she has to do. Another issue is, it is painful which keeps sex from being pleasant and not enjoyable. Almost all sexual issues can be solved with Hypnosis unless it is a physical problem. Since sexual issues are private issues it sometimes takes several sessions to solve the problem because the client has to gain trust with Hypnotherapist.


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