Read some of the reviews from our clients listed below, it is possible one of them might help you become aware of something that could solve one of your issues.


I had OCD so bad that I was burning myself out from not being able to stop and rest because it had to be done extreme no time like the present situation. Lawrence did a session on me and without realizing I changed and it helped me so much just to feel at peace with myself and to be ok if I don't do it all in one day. Thank you again Mr. Lawrence Miller.

Lorena Rodriguez June 22, 2019

All of my life I have had a problem sleeping. Since I was four years old I can remember looking out the window at the moon and stars for hours waiting for the sun to come up. I heard about Lawrence Miller and his success with Insomnia using hypnotherapy. He told me in the interview that Insomnia was just about a fear that was created somewhere in childhood. When he hypnotized me I went back to where I was a baby, I was in a dark place and was being confined. People were laughing, singing and making loud noises and I felt trapped. I wanted to go home and I could not move, the fear was being trapped. Lawrence made the suggestion that this fear would not bother me anymore and would be able to sleep sound and wake up refreshed and I would not need sleeping pills anymore. I went home that night and fell asleep immediately, woke up in the morning completely refreshed and this has been happening every night since the hypnotherapy session. Lawrence where were you 75 years ago.


Changed my kids life!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

Tonya Flores June 20, 2019

A gentleman came to me because he could not urinate in a public restroom if there was any one else in the restroom. He has been this way all of his life as far as he could remember. The first session we worked it helped about 50%, although in certain circumstances when he was around his peers that he worked with he could not urinate. In the second session we found out the problem started in his childhood. The problem was he was urinating in the toilet in a stall when someone stuck their head under the door which scared him. It created him having a fear that someone would always be watching him. That fear that was programmed into his subconscious mind kept him from urinating when anyone was in the restroom when he was. He released it subconsciously and the problem completely went away. He can now urinate anywhere, the fear of not being able to urinate does not enter his mind any more.

A lady came to me because all of the joints in her body had pain and it was constant. In the session she discovered that she had a hatred part within her that hated everything but mainly people and this hared was lodged in her subconscious mind and her conscious mind was not aware of this hatred. She consciously could not figure out why she did not want to be around people. Her conscious mind did not hate every thing but her subconscious mind did and that inner-conflict between the two minds was causing both her muscular and nervous system to keep her in constant joint pain. She found out what the event was in her life that caused the hate to be programmed into her subconscious mind, she then let go of it and the pain in her joints immediately went away.

Had a client come to me who constantly used dirty words like F_ _ K and a lot of other nasty words. She wanted to stop because it was not lady like plus she was pushing people away from her, they did not want to be around someone who constantly used those words, it was time to put a stop to this unwanted behavior. What she discovered was when she was a child by using those words would make people listen to her, made her feel big and strong, at least it seemed like they were listening to her. She did discover that when she used these words everyone would stop talking as if they were listening to her but what she discovered was they really were not listening to her and she was losing friends, no one wanted to be around her fearing she may start using those words in front of their friends. She subconsciously made the change to, people listen to me better without using those words and I don't need to feel like I need to be bigger and stronger, I am perfect just the way I am.

Had a lady come to me because she was unable to go on the freeways even if someone else drove. She lived in Southern California near San Diego but her husband's family lived in Yuma Arizona and her father lived 60 miles north of her. When her father wanted to see her he had to drive 60 miles to her house and when her husband wanted to see his family he had to leave her home and go by himself, she was house ridden. What she discovered was when she was a little girl she was her father's favorite little girl and she loved that. Then her father got a divorce and had to move away and she lost that special love she had with him and she was hurt and when ever she wanted to see her father he had to come and see her. As she got older he was still enabling her by coming to see her which told her that he still loved her. To make sure the situation stayed the same her subconscious mind created this anxiety and panic about being on the freeways and as a result her father still had to drive the distance to see her even though her conscious mind knew that was not the correct thing to do, the little girl within her was still running her adult life. She was able to completely change that subconsciously and now drives to see her father and is able to go with her husband to Yuma to see his family.

Thank you so much for seeing me. As you know I was pretty much at breaking point and in a downward spiral trying to deal with my current relationship ending when we met. To me it seemed everything had become quite unmanageable and out of control. I didn’t fully realize before meeting you that I was carrying around feelings of guilt, sadness, loneliness and a desperate blind need for others to take responsibility for their actions that all stemmed from emotionally traumatic experiences I had growing up. I say growing up but in a sense I feel like this trauma had effectively stunted my emotional growth. All I knew when I met you was that something was “wrong” with me which was why I was in therapy but I couldn’t never quite put my finger on it and it just all became more and more confusing especially whilst being caught up in a very volatile and toxic relationship. But after just two sessions with you focused on letting go of these feelings that to me were quite overwhelming I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from current relationship situation was obviously still there and needing to be dealt with but having my hypnosis with you allowed me to see it clearly for what it really was. Any pain I felt from it was only from the current circumstances no longer tangled up with all the other hurt I had been harboring for so many years which made it all so much more manageable for me and possible for me to do the right thing and walk away. My sessions with you have given me such clarity, strength and such a sense of empowerment. I honestly feel like meeting you at this point in my life really saved me. I know as you like to say, I changed my life you just guided me to where I needed to go to change it. Lawrence you are the best guide ever and for your guidance I am eternally grateful. I can’t even imagine how I would be feeling now had I not met you and for me that is the joy and success of my hypnosis. Those dark uncontrollable feelings I felt before all seem so foreign to me now, I can’t even imagine living with them for such a long time. I feel so free now to really live my life to the fullest. Like the bird that I visualized while in my session. Thank you again Lawrence you have such a gift and I am so grateful you shared it with me. I will stay in touch. All the best.

I hope you are doing well. I can't begin to tell you what a difference our session from last year has made on my life. The huge weight of grief I was carrying was affecting my whole life. Since then I got a new job at a company I love and have already gotten a promotion in just 9 months. Larry's business is growing too and little Liam is making stride in his verbal skills. Many, many thanks to you for giving me a new lease on life!!!!

One 40 year old woman was feeling stressed, fuzzy and depressed about life, her child, finances was filled with tension and worry. She was snapping at her husband and found herself filled with anger over minor issues. She also found herself crying at mushy TV commercials and found herself on the verge of tears way too often. She had difficulty getting into the hypnotic state since she was filled with so much internal tension. She finally went under and learned the cause of her misery was due to the deep sadness she experienced regarding the death of her Mother 20 years prior. She thought she had grieved properly 20 years ago but she apparently kept some pain tucked away and it was ruling her life. She let go of the feelings and now feels upbeat, clear headed, hopeful and has a new perspective on her issues. What was unacceptable before is now workable and her relationships with her husband, work, finances and family have improved dramatically. She is more creative, can problem solve quicker and doesn't cry easily anymore. She can't believe her new life since she has a sense of relief and newfound patience and clarity.

My experience in the course was really interesting and I learned a lot from Lawrence I Miller CHt. Such a wonderful man and a great instructor. Even though I have learned a lot in the course I still have more to learn. Thanks to the wisdom Lawrence has passed down to me I see things in a different way. This has truly been a life changing experience for those around me and I. Thank you for everything, I will always appreciate the opportunity of having you as an instructor.

Dear Lawrence:
I just wanted to officially thank you for the great session we had a couple of months ago.

As you recall, the reason I wanted to be hypnotized was because I had the “yips” for more than thirty years. As I explained to you, the yips is a malady that occurs in golf while putting. It manifests itself in different forms and occurs in several sports, including basketball and tennis. Experts disagree on whether it is a mental or physical condition, or both. Mine was in the form of muscle spasms while I was in the process of stroking the ball.

I tried everything to rid myself of them. I had been hypnotized, before. It was a completely different method than what you used, and it didn’t work. I had been to a psychologist. I tried putting with different grips. I tried putting left handed. I even began putting with my eyes closed. None of these were successful.

Since our session, I have played golf several times. My yips are miraculously gone. I now putt with my eyes open and my stroke is much freer. I even understand why I had the yips and learned the reason during my session with you.

So, thank you, again, for having the expertise to help me. I would recommend you to anybody. In fact, please feel free to give out my telephone number to anyone who would like to talk about my cure of the yips.

All the best,

I have worked with Lawrence Miller on several occasions. I have trusted him with my issues, and recommend him highly.

Lawrence this is where you come in. I started to think about who I knew who seemed to me to be living their lives authentically. What I have heard and observed over the years in knowing you is that you come to a place inside yourself where you decided to take 100% responsibility for your own happiness. I have seen you become more clear, more honest, gentler and more peaceful when you realized it wasn’t your job to fix or change others, save them from their own error thinking.

I remember how controlling you used to be about time. That is not a judgment of you, Lawrence, so much as a statement of how it felt to me whenever I interfaced with you. On my last visit with you, I did not see or experience that pressure from you use to have with me. It felt very freeing and much easier to be myself with you.

Bottom line, Lawrence, this is a letter of gratitude to you for being in my life all these years, and to tell you that I have chosen you as one of my 3 mentors as a “model” and “guide” for me as I chart my course back to my authentic self. Back to my own inner peace of mind, serenity, a place of loving, appreciating and respecting myself.

That is what I see in you, Lawrence. That you accept yourself and have become the whole person you want to be. You are “real”, you have no pretenses any more, you have created the life you want, and you have been honest with yourself along the way. You know who you are, what you want and you have given yourself permission to live the life you want to live. You don’t apologize for your choices, or make any excuses to win others approval or friendship and reflect to me what I have to come to realize is one of the most important ingredients of a mentor of being authentic, YOU RESPECT YOURSELF.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude, Lawrence, for your allowing me the space to come to this place on my own, in my own time. It means a lot to me that you appreciate the heart of me enough to maintain a connection with me all these years.

It’s my hope and my desire to be as fully present as possible and to being as authentically myself as I can be. That a lasting and deeper friendship might be forged between us then which was ever possible before.

I am a competitive softball player and have always struggled with hitting up until I met Mr. Miller. I play for one of the best academies in the nation where I am trying to earn an athletic scholarship and am currently on Team Mexico. Before I went under hypnosis I would get so nervous in the batter’s box I couldn't control my breathing, my hands would tremble and my mind would be thinking about everything except the moment I was in. It became a struggle because I am expected to perform at the highest level 100% of the time and this problem I had was interfering with recruiting and play time. I never really thought It was a problem that could be altered through hypnosis, because all coaches tell you that sports are mental; I believed that I could fix It myself. After 4 years I finally gave up and decided to try hypnosis with Mr. Miller. The weekend directly after the hypnosis I had one of my best offensive weekends of my career. I had no butterflies even thinking about the game the day before; the day of my games I was able to focus on one thing only (hitting the ball) and there was no interference from my thoughts during any at bats. (16 years old)

One 38 year old woman had been clenching and grinding her teeth while sleeping for 20 years. She went to her dentist to get a mouth night guard made, since the pain had intensified dramatically and she was desperate for relief. The Dentist suggested she try hypnotherapy to see if it could cure the painful behavior. She came to me unable to speak properly since the pain was so great. We found the cause of the clenching and grinding during the session and helped her remove the feelings that triggered the behavior. Our session was seven years ago and she hasn't clenched or grinded her teeth since.


I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your presentation this A.M. “Best description of Hypnosis I ever heard”. Keep up the good work.

Charles Merkel
Pacific Coast Realty Group.

I cannot believe what your work with me has achieved. My God, what a change from 12 months ago. Lawrence you helped me so much you don’t even know. I am so thankful and I want you to know that. You have helped me change and without these changes I would have never made it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Lawrence you are not just my hypnotherapist but even more as my friend.


Life changing experience.

Deborah S

I had hypnotherapy with Lawrence twice and I can honestly say it was life changing. I will be forever grateful for his help during a very difficult time in my life. I would and often do recommend Lawrence to others who are struggling with emotional issues. Lawrence is truly gifted and I feel very fortunate to have met him.

Emma T

I have been to a few hypnotherapists over the years. Lawrence Miller of Hypnosis Center of SoCal is only one that I have ever used, who actually LISTENS, has no agenda of his own but your healing .... and has the effective therapeutic skills to MAKE REAL, POSITIVE CHANGES in your subconscious programming. If you want your issue(s) resolved, this is the guy to see.

Karin P

I have had many sessions with Lawrence. Each one revealed a belief that limited my life. Each belief when examined was found to be inaccurate or false. This knowledge subsequently corrected or released the belief, allowing significant improvement of the quality of my life. I am very appreciative of making the choice to work with him. His abilities in this vocation are second to none.

Craig M

Over the last seventeen years, Lawrence Miller has helped me identify and remove unwanted behaviors and feelings through hypnotherapy. My life improved after each session and the problematic issues did not return. At first, I was highly skeptical of hypnotherapy. However, I was in incredible pain from clenching my teeth and my dentist suggested getting hypnotized to stop the clenching. She didn't have a referral, so I did a google search and called several hypnotherapists listed. Some were odd or I didn't like their approach. Then, I spoke to Lawrence and he was professional, understanding and spent over 30 minutes explaining how hypnotherapy works. I was eager to fix my constant mouth pain and had my first session the next day. Boy, was it enlightening. The whole process may sound kooky, but it worked for me. Lawrence helped me go under and open the door to my sub-conscious. I wasn't asleep...I was in a light trance and was aware of everything that went on. I discovered why I was clenching my teeth and programmed myself to stop the behavior. It was a highly emotional experience with tears, since I had to address a painful issue I had stuffed away many years before. I resolved my issues and haven't clenched my teeth since. I have returned to Lawrence many times over the years when life was difficult; stuck in a job I disliked, conflicted about love, confused about my career path and frustrated at my lack of fiscal achievement. I have been hypnotized dozens of times and have learned to "let go" and purge a lot of emotional baggage. I'm so much lighter, happier and freer now than I have ever felt...and, I'm far more successful. I went to therapists for months many years ago when my parents died and worked through my grief with talk therapy. It was okay, since it helped me realize I wasn't weird to feel so sad. However, hypnotherapy takes a deep dive into why I was feeling or acting the way I was and corrects it in one session. I jokingly call it, "Speed Therapy," but it really works for me. Lawrence has a special gift and it's his listening skills. He really hears what you're saying and then crystalizes your issues into two sentences. Lawrence is kind, intelligent and makes me feel very safe, so I can open up and address emotional issues that I've been avoiding. I have had about fifteen in- person sessions with Lawrence and then have had over twenty-five sessions by phone, since I live 3 hours away from Lawrence now. My late husband had several sessions with Lawrence to address deep hurts he had and they were all resolved. Friends of mine flew Lawrence across the country and he helped half a dozen people over a weekend. I encourage you to call and just talk to Lawrence about how hypnotherapy works and what's bothering you. You can change your business, finances, life and love if you're willing to open up. It's a bit scary, but just trust yourself and it will be worth it. Lawrence has been a special gift to my life and I've shared my story so others could benefit too.

Betsy Green

"My sessions with Lawrence were very helpful to me. I came to realize through the process that challenges I thought I had conquered in therapy years ago were only addressed intellectually. I needed to go deeper. After working with Lawrence, I felt a weight was lifted. I can describe it as instead of upgrading a computer program to work around a glitch, we addressed the virus that created the glitch in the first place."


I notice more capacity to move forward and fear less and trepidation in general. I recommended you to Bonnie, because I feel your work helped me break through a significant barrier.




(951) 961-9000