There has been a big change in how I do my hypnotherapy business. I have been in private practice for over 30 and most of those years I have leased an office. Approximately 4 years ago I made a decision to close my business and stop doing hypnotherapy. In saying that I found my late wife getting quite disturbed because I was closing up and walking away from the business that helped a lot of client’s. She was upset because over the 30 years I have helped thousands and thousands of people change their lives and she felt I was being selfish and inconsiderate. She was disturbed enough about my quitting that I decided not to close the business but find another venue, which I did. My new venue was to be a MOBILE HYPNOTHERAPIST and travel to my client’s homes, offices or come to my office which is my home.

My decision was not to lease an office space, or work from some a leased office, a spa or message office but to keep the business open as a MOBILE HYPNOTHERAPIST going to clients homes and businesses where ever it takes me in order to help people solve their problems. I made this decision to not shut down but to make it "MOBILE" for the people who need my help. It gives both me and the client a sense of freedom. By making the business mobile I could still do what I love, help people and at the same time and not have to take on all the responsibilities I had over the years.

Now my office can be anywhere, Hemet, Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, San Diego or anywhere else it takes me. My phone has changed, the only difference is it is always with me; of course it is my cell phone. I am still here when you need me, just give me a call (951) 961-9000.

Once I started going to my client’s homes and offices I discovered it to be more beneficial and the clients had better results than going to an unfamiliar office they knew nothing about nor were they familiar with me. By staying in their own home they felt safer, more relaxed and more comfortable which allows the hypnotherapy session to work much better. When we go to someplace that is unfamiliar we tend to possibly have a little anxiety, maybe be a little scared, uncomfortable with the surroundings and not able to relax as one could do in their own surrounds. What I discovered about going to the client's environment as they were much easier to hypnotize because they were relaxed. For hypnosis to work the client must be able to be relaxed, not be scared and have little or no anxiety. What a big difference it made in the results of the session.

So, ninety percent of my business is going to the client’s home or office and the other ten percent come to my office. If the client decides to come to my office that would be a good choice because my office is extremely quiet and peaceful.

About a year and a half ago I started doing phone hypnotherapy and discovered it was extremely powerful and more powerful than face to face hypnotherapy and this is the reason why. I am sure you have listened to music on your smartphone with earphones. In listening to the music it can feel like it is centered right in the middle of your head, at times it almost seems like the band is live in the middle of your head, well, that is what it is like when I am in the process of hypnotizing the client. To them, it seems like I am live in the middle of their head and because of that they become totally focused on my voice which is important and are hypnotized quiet easily and go into a deeper state of hypnosis. When I work with clients face to face there are distractions, it is harder for them to focus and they don’t go as deep into hypnosis, the results are successful but less successful than doing phone hypnotherapy.

With my 30 years of experience, I know Hypnotherapy is the most powerful therapy available for Issues like Fears, Phobias, Alcohol addiction, Drug addiction, Money Blocks, Negative Beliefs, Insomnia, Sexual Issues, anger and many other issues. I have a Free consultation with no time limit, all you have to do is call 951) 961-9000.

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