Low Self-Esteem

low self-esteem

Low Self Esteem is a very common issue among both men and women. Low Self Esteem has many tentacles, the list is endless. Low Self Esteem is like all the other issues, it is caused 95% of the time from a childhood experience. To give a couple of examples that can cause Low Self Esteem, a parent telling the child they are stupid, they are dumb, they will not make anything out of their lives, a teacher embarrassing a child in front of the class, their peers in school not accepting them or a parent constantly acknowledging one of their siblings and ignoring them. So you can see that there are hundreds of ways an adult can have Low Self Esteem. Hypnosis can easily solve Low Self Esteem by regressing the client back to where the Low Self Esteem first was triggered and eliminate or change the Low Self Esteem feeling to High Self Esteem and in many cases in one session.


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