I have had a private Hypnotherapy practice for over 30 years and I know for sure that Hypnotherapy is without a doubt the best therapy for, relationship issues- drug and alcohol problems-Weight Loss - Phobia's - Eating Disorders - Money Blocks - Self Esteem - Addictions - Lower Blood Pressure - Guilt - Improved Sports - Insomnia - Fears - Motivation - Anger - Sexual Issues - Money Blocks - Chronic Pain - Inner-Conflicts - Focus – Negative Beliefs and many other issues.

Why do I believe Hypnotherapy is the best possible therapy available for all of the above issues, because how it works and why it works? In this introductory section, I am going to explain how it works and why it works. So let’s get started.



In this explanation process, I am going to talk to you in terms of a computer because our two minds are identical to our everyday computers. There are two parts to us, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is just like the icon you have to click on in order to get into the hard drive our subconscious mind, it holds files just like the computer does. The conscious mind is a learning mind and when it came into this world it knew nothing, although it did learn that it was easy getting here or it was hard getting here. The main job of the conscious mind is to learn everything it needs to know in order to function in this world we live in and what we need to know in order to get what we want. So if you want to get a job it knows you need a resume and where to start looking for a job, it learned that over the years. When we want something its main job is to know what we need to have and do in order to get what we want, that is its job. It has a few other jobs like, to know how to communicate in writing as I am doing now and of course to listen and then respond to what it heard.

So when we came into this world we knew nothing and now let’s say we are twenty- five years old and in those twenty- five years it has learned how to get around and function in this world we live in.



The subconscious mind has other jobs and they are too protect you and give you pleasure. When we came into this world it also lived in your real world just like the conscious mind did, but as the conscious mind gets smarter and smarter there comes a time where the conscious mind believes it is now smart enough to protect this vehicle we live in and it then removes the subconscious mind from your real world and puts in in a sealed container just like the hard drive in your computer. This happens at different times for different people; depending on how fast the person matures in regards to learning what it thinks is enough so it no longer needs the subconscious mind to protect them anymore. From that point on the subconscious mind no longer lives in your real world.

From that period of time when the subconscious mind lived in our real world, it created folders just like our computer does. The folders hold negative feelings from childhood whenever we got emotionally hurt or physically hurt by someone. The emotion feelings that are programmed into the emotional folder are feelings like, rejection, loneliness, abandonment, disappointment and hundreds of other negative feelings. The feelings that are programmed into the physical folder are feelings of being physically abused by maybe a parent, bitten by a dog, or anything that physically hurt us. Once these emotional and physical feelings are programmed into the subconscious mind they stay there for a lifetime, the only way they can be removed is with Hypnotherapy.



All of us have unwanted behaviors, some strong and some mellow but every unwanted behavior pushes people away from us in some way or another. The purpose of the unwanted behaviors is to keep people at a distant so we don’t have to feel a hurtful feeling we experienced as a child. As a child every time we program in an emotional feeling the subconscious mind creates an unwanted behavior that goes along with the negative feeling. The unwanted behavior is created as a method to push people away so we don’t get hurt again like we did when we were a child. These unwanted behaviors are behaviors like liars, perfectionist, procrastinator; someone who is late all the time, someone whose word is no good and the list goes on and on. From just a few unwanted behaviors I posted you can now see how people don’t want to spend time being around a liar, you never know when they are telling the truth, a perfectionist, no matter what you do for them or with them is never good enough. The unwanted behaviors are used as a protection keeping us from getting hurt and they work. The main problem with the unwanted behaviors is they keep us from being the best we can be; they stop us from having, being and doing what we want. I have a long list of unwanted behaviors.

An example, a man has a feeling of rejection programmed into one of his feeling folders and he is smart, a good talker and he wants to be a salesman. He goes for a job as a salesman and gets the job and his first task is to do some cold calling in order to build up his database. When the owner tells him that he will have to make cold calls he quickly feels some anxiety, the anxiety is there because the subconscious mind is telling him that he could get rejected and he could feel that rejection feeling again just as he did as a child. Because of that fear he has problems making his calls, he loses his power when he does make a call and his performance is terrible, shortly after being hired he is laded off. Because of the negative feeling programmed into one of his feeling folders he could not have what he wanted, could not be his best he could be and he did not get what he wanted. The unwanted behavior did its job and kept him from getting rejected but it also kept him from doing what he wanted to do, be a salesman. I have a list of hundreds of negative hurtful feelings and each one of them comes with an unwanted behavior. Since the subconscious mind is the creative part of us it is the one that creates the unwanted behaviors.

When clients come to me I first try and find out if they know what their unwanted behavior is that is causing them from being the best they can be and pushes people away. If they know what the unwanted behavior is then when they are under hypnosis it becomes easier to find the negative feeling hidden behind the unwanted behavior. We must find that negative feeling in order to solve the problem so the unwanted behavior will go away.



There is another set of folders and they are belief folders, they hold all the beliefs that we believed as a child and also the beliefs we take on as adults. It is harder to create a new belief folder as adults because we are now more mature and in many cases we automatically do not believe something someone tells us and because of that the subconscious mind does not allow the belief to be programmed in, it only allows it to be programmed in when we believe what we were told or read.

All of us have many belief folders, especially since childhood. The reason there are so many beliefs from childhood is that as children our conscious mind is not mature and as a result children tend to believe a lot of things that were told to them. Things that were not true and they were programmed into their subconscious mind, there was no resistance to stop them from believing what they were told, and their conscious mind is immature and has no idea that what they were told is true. Since we can talk to the subconscious mind under Hypnosis, beliefs are easy to change, we can ask the belief if it is open to the possibility that what it believes could be wrong and if it says yes, then just by logically explaining why it could be wrong and introducing why it could be wrong and what the truth is about the belief allows the subconscious mind to change the belief or just let the belief go. Actually, under hypnosis, we can talk to the belief because the belief is really the subconscious mind. The only way someone can talk to the subconscious mind is under hypnosis, that is how things are resolved with hypnotherapy by communicating with the subconscious mind.



Since the subconscious mind has a job to give you pleasure you would think it would be a good thing for us, but it is not. Making sure we have pleasure creates a lot of problems in many areas of our lives. Here are two areas that we get pleasure from that creates problems, smoking, and eating (food). Now let me explain what I mean about having the pleasure that creates a problem.

Smoking, everyone thinks that the reason people can’t quit smoking is that of the nicotine but that is not true. When we took our first puff of a cigarette and we decided it was pleasurable the subconscious mind attached smoking to something that is not pleasurable for us such as boredom. Nicotine is out of our body in 4 to 5 days and so the truth is if smoking had to do with Nicotine then we should be able to quite easily in 6 days when the Nicotine is no longer in our body but we can’t.

This is how it works with hypnosis. Once the subconscious mind attaches smoking to let’s say boredom and since boredom is not pleasurable every time the person gets bored the subconscious mind has a job to give us pleasure and the person immediately picks up a cigarette, lights it and they will experience the pleasure of smoking and in the time it takes to smoke the cigarette they are out of boredom and that is the reason people have a hard time quitting smoking. The way we solve it under hypnosis is to have the subconscious mind switch the pleasure feeling from smoking to something else that is pleasurable for that person other than smoking. Once it agrees to make that switch the pleasure of smoking gets switched to something else that is pleasurable and the need to smoke goes away.

So, eating is similar, food is attached to something that does not give the personal pleasure and the food gives the personal pleasure which causes them to overeat which also has to be switched to something else that is pleasurable and once that is done the overheating problem goes away . The problems with overeating are we can become obsess which can create all kinds of health problems. Overeating and being obsess can be an unwanted behavior which is a way of keeping people out of a relationship and also keeping other people at a distance.



Hypnosis works because under hypnosis we are able to talk directly to the subconscious mind where all the negative feeling files are, unwanted behaviors and the belief files are stored. The only way communications can be established with the subconscious mind is through hypnosis, there is no other way. Under hypnosis, we can get the two minds to talk to each other so we can get these issues either deleted or changed. The reason why they have to talk to each other is that the subconscious mind does not live in your real world and because of that it has no idea that these negative feelings and the unwanted behaviors (both are protections) are interfering in the client’s life, it has no clue. If the two minds could talk to each other then you could solve your issues without a hypnotherapist, you would not need me, but they don’t talk together. Because they don’t talk to each other we have spent years trying to figure out why our life is not working the way you want it to. When the two minds are talking to each other that is when we tell the subconscious mind how the negative feeling and the unwanted behavior are interfering with the client’s life, as I mentioned the subconscious mind doesn’t know that there is a problem. Once it realizes that the negative feeling and the unwanted is harming the client it then becomes willing to make a change. It is willing to make a change because its job is to protect the client not to harm them but because of these two programs, the client is being hurt. You see how important it is to be able to talk to the subconscious mind because it has no idea it is harming the client and since the two minds don’t talk to each other the client cannot solve the issues, they just can’t and never will.

Ever one of us is being controlled by the little boy and little girl within us, which is the subconscious mine that holds the folders where the programming has to be changed. In order for hypnotherapy to work the client must know they have a problem and they must want to change or eliminate the problem. Next, they have to allow themselves to be hypnotized. Every person on this planet can be hypnotized and the only reason they can’t be hypnotized is that they have a fear. A few fears are, he will get into my brain and make changes I don’t want, I won’t come out of hypnosis and even this, he is charging me this amount of money and it won’t work.

In the very beginning of this writing article I said the conscious mind is like the icon on your computer, well imagine the conscious mine as the icon and you have to click on it to move it out of the way in order to be hypnotized, once that happens we can get to the subconscious mind (your hard drive). If the client has a fear and constantly keeps thinking about the fear while I am going through the process of hypnotizing them they will never be hypnotized. The constant thinking of the fear keeps them from clicking on the icon and moving the conscious mind out of the way. If the client does not move the conscious mind out of the way then they are not hypnotized and no work can be done. The hypnotherapist has no control over whether the client has a fear or not and if they do have a fear the hypnotherapist has no control in getting them to let go of the fear, it’s the client’s responsibility.



OK, our client allows him/she to be hypnotized and when that happens we now have access to the subconscious mind and that is where we are supposed to be in order to get some of the client’s issues solved by elimination, changing or deleting. In working with my clients, ninety percent of my clients know what their unwanted behavior is before we even start the hypnotizing process; they know what they do to push people away from them. If the clients do not know what his/her unwanted behavior is, I am usually able to figure it out by just listening to them in our pre-discussion before the hypnotherapy session.

My job in this session is to ask a lot of questions and listen to the answer I get from the subconscious mind. I do know when I am talking to the subconscious mind because when I ask a question the answer is almost immediately; there is no conscious thinking involved. Since the subconscious mind does not live in your real world it always tells the truth and because of that the answers come quickly, it doesn’t have to manipulate or control an answer to figure out the right answer, it just tells the truth. It is not like the conscious mind that lives in our real world and when you ask someone a question it takes them time for them to try and figure out what is the right answer is to give the person who asks the question. The conscious mind is a manipulating and controlling mind where the subconscious mind is not, it just tells the truth, that is why the answers pop out immediately.

If the little boy or girl (subconscious mind) is willing to let go of the feeling of rejection then the rejection feeling is gone forever. The client will always know they once had a feeling of rejection but from the moment they let it go of the rejection feeling they will no longer know what that feeling of rejection feels like. Since they will no longer have to worry about feeling the rejection feeling they regain their power back, in other words, they will never have to worry about being rejected because the feeling is gone.

That is why Hypnotherapy is so powerful; it allows you to get your power back. If you find yourself trying to do, be or have something but you keep running up against a block and can’t get what you want than the little boy or girl has your power via a negative feeling, unwanted behavior or a belief. If you want your power back then I am suggesting you give me a call as I have Free Unlimited Hypnotherapy Phone Consultation, I can help you.

I am making available to you two list, one is a list of Negative Feelings and the second is a List of Unwanted Behaviors. These lists are for you to look through. When looking through the Negative Feelings list and you see a Negative Feeling on the list that is programmed into your Hard Drive you will actually feel that feeling, then you know you have a Negative feeling absorbing your power.

When looking over the Unwanted Behavior list you will know when you see an Unwanted Behavior and you will know that is you. When you discover your Unwanted Behavior on the list you may be able to also discover the Negative Feeling hidden under the Unwanted Behavior. If that is the case my suggestion is to call me as I have Free Unlimited Hypnotherapy Phone Consultation, I can help you.

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