Your Gift and Passion

We all come into this world with a GIFT and there are no two gifts that are identical to another person’s gift, there are no two gifts alike. It is like a finger print, a snow flake, a tree or a human face, there is no two alike. Your gift is only for you, no one else. When you arrive in this world you are not aware you have a gift because no one told you. As a matter of fact when most of us grow into adulthood we still have no clue we came into this world with a gift, but we did.

In order for us to be happy, enjoy our work, and enjoy our lives it is most important that we find out what our gift is. For most of us it will probably be difficult to discover, although you can figure it out when a lot of people acknowledge you for doing something that is easy for you to do and you enjoy doing it. I will tell you this, when you find out what your gift is you will probably not be able to figure out what you can do with it in order to make money with it.

Whatever your gift is you will be able to do it better than anyone else, even if they do something similar to what your gift is, you will out shine them a hundred times over. If you are reading this my suggestion is to start looking for your gift, it will enhance your life. To start looking for it you should go within to figure out what you do extremely easy and well. If you know you are extremely good at something and you are aware of people acknowledging you for what you do easily and love doing, then that could possibly be your gift.

To give you an example I will tell you what my gift is and how I discovered it. My gift is my listening. When I am talking to someone I hear things that other people do not hear and in almost every case it is just a word or two that has some importance. I found it was easy for people to like me because of my listening and I got a lot of acknowledgement because of it. They said things like, I like talking to you, you really listen to what I am saying, you communicate back to me exactly what we are talking about and I can have a great conversation with you and I enjoy our conversation.

I spent a good portion of my life working at something I did not enjoy, changing occupations on regular bases and was never happy at what I was doing. I went to a seminar and they said, find your gift and you will be happy at your work, relationships and with yourself. They also basically told us how to find our gift just like I am telling you in this article. I then started looking for it and finally figured it out, it was my listening.

The next thing for me to do was to figure out how to use it in this real world I live in. I stumbled into Hypnotherapy after working as a volunteer at Glendale Memorial Hospital doing psychotherapy counseling for seniors who could not afford to pay for a licensed psychotherapist. I went to school to learn how to become a hypnotherapist and 30 years later I am still practicing the profession. In order to be an excellent hypnotherapist it is a must that your listening has to be extra ordinary and so I found Hypnotherapy for my gift and my passion.

If you can find your passion and use your gift in conjunction with your passion you hit the jack pot, having a profession which is your passion and using your gift at the same time cannot get any better.

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