The Question Is: "Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?"

The answer is an absolute YES, so why can't some people be hypnotized and the answer is because they have a fear, a fear of something. The fear can be as simple as I am paying this amount of money to solve my problem and the fear is it won't work. The fear of losing their money gets in the way of it working because that is all they will be thinking about while they are being hypnotized. Just thinking about losing the money will keep them from moving from their conscious mind to their subconscious mind and hypnosis is about being in the subconscious mind. In order for hypnosis to work, you must be in your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind because the problem is in the subconscious mind not the conscious mind.

You see if the problem was in your conscious mind you could solve it, but it is not although your conscious mind knows that there is a problem, that's the mind that had you call the hypnotherapist. For many of us, we have spent a lifetime trying to figure out consciously how to solve the problem with no success. The reason is the conscious mind lives in our real world where the subconscious mind does not live in your real world and that is where the problem lies. The subconscious mind in simple terms lives in a box without doors or windows and has no idea there is a problem because it doesn't live in our real world. The two minds are like a computer, the conscious is like the icon that you click on in order to get into the hard drive and the subconscious mind is your hard drive that holds files just like a computer does. The conscious mind knows what the problem is because it lives in our real world and it knows how the problem is holding us back but it does not know how to solve it.

For many of you the conscious mind has spent years and years trying to figure out the answer to solving the problem and in some cases, it absolutely wears a person out. It can use up all your energy trying to figure it out. Since the subconscious mind lives in this box with no doors or windows it has no idea that it is holding us back, as a matter of fact, it may not even know we have arms and legs. All it knows is that it has a job to do based on what is programmed into the folder and it will keep doing what it is doing until we die or we can delete it or change it through hypnosis.

What allow hypnosis to work is the process moves the person from their conscious mind to the subconscious mind. If they let us get there then the person is in a position to have a conversation with the subconscious mind to find out what it programmed into the subconscious mind and why. The only way the two minds can talk to each other is through hypnosis, there is no other way. When the problem is discovered subconsciously then there are many things that can be done in order to solve or eliminate the problem. Here are a few things that can be done, have the subconscious mind delete it, give the pain back to the person who gave to you and have the subconscious mind let it go. You see everything the subconscious mind is holding on to is a lie and once it realizes that it has been holding onto a lie then it becomes willing to let it go, or delete it or change it. There are hundreds of possibilities that are available in order to solve people's issues and each person is different and unique. So what works for one person may not work for another person.

I believe that hypnosis can solve any issue a person has except a broken arm or a broken leg or something that needs to be physically repaired by a medical doctor, anything that is a mental problem I believe can be solved with hypnosis.

In order for that to happen the person I am working with has to be willing to allow themselves to go into a deep state of hypnosis which means that their conscious mind is totally quiet. When that happens they allow themselves to go into the deep part of their subconscious mind. In doing so they will allow the subconscious mind to locate the folder where the problem is, the exact time when it was programmed in, the hurt, the pain or a belief that is interfering with that person's life, which we call an issue.

This whole hypnosis process is just about TRUST, trusting yourself, trusting that your subconscious mind will give us the answer and trust the hypnotherapist. If you don't have all of that trust then you will probably have a fear that is in the way of letting it work. Depending on how big the fear is will determine if we allow hypnosis to work or not work, you see it has nothing to do with me, I am not the one that gets in your way, you are the one getting in your own way and you are keeping it from working.

So everything depends on your decision to allow yourself to be deeply hypnotized, it has nothing to do with me, it is about making a decision to solve the problem and is committed to solving the problem. Once you have made the commitment you will allow yourself to go into a deep state of hypnosis and solve the problem, Amen.

You see I have been doing this for 30 years and have seen people create miracles and in many cases in just one session that has completely turned their lives around 180 degrees.

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