The Main Purpose or "job" of the Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is, of course, responsible for learning, analysis and interpretation of events, and general day-to- day operation in the external world. This is the mind that learns to read, to speak languages, to do the math and etc. Because it is responsible for analysis and interpretation, it's the conscious minds job to know what we need In order to have the lives we want, and, most important to the subject of this article, to analyze what is working or not working in our lives.

It is our conscious mind which knows what is going on in our reality, not our subconscious mind. The conscious mind knows what results we are getting, such as having money, having a good relationship, having a successful career, having material success and many other real things. It can and does assess our needs in relation to the society in which we live in. It is the conscious mind which has learned what it takes to be successful in our environment and to make adjustments necessary in order to be successful in our surroundings. To that end, the conscious mind manipulates or controls circumstances in order to get what it wants. It is the conscious mind which sets and pursues our goals and guides us in a direction to achieve those goals. If we have any special passions, gifts or visions, it is aware of them and it will also guide us in those directions. It is the mind that is supposed to be in control of our everyday living and move us in the correct direction in order to meet those goals, visions, and passions.

The conscious mind knows what results we are looking for such as money, relationships, careers and material things. It studies and learns (to the extent that it does in any individual) what it takes in order to get those things in the society we live in. It knows what is going on around us, what the rules and regulations are in the world we live in and what must be done in order to get through or around the rules and regulations of society in order to get what we want. It is the mind that knows what it takes to get to the top and be the best, most popular and the wealthiest in the area that we want to pursue, it has all of those things figured out as to what is needed in order to achieve our goals, visions, and passions.

Whether we live in a democracy or a dictatorship it is the conscious mind that knows what we need to do to get what we want, based on the rules and regulations of that society. It learns and operates on the basis of its learning, what we need to do in order to get along in any society or in any environment. The conscious mind is very adaptable and very capable of running our lives so we can live in the easiest way, the most enjoyable way and have the least amount of trouble. Certainly, the conscious minds knows what we want and may even be capable of making us totally happy, successful and show us how to enjoy life to the fullest. It is the mind that must be in control in order for us to feel happy, fulfilled, and successful and to enjoy life to the fullest. The conscious mind makes the conscious decisions for the individual.

Obviously, there are areas of our lives where the conscious mind is not in control. How do we know? Because if the conscious mind truly were in control 100% of the time, in all areas of one's life, one would have everything that they desired. The conscious mind is not in control in those areas of our life where the subconscious mind has established a protection for us or has a belief in place. In those areas, the conscious mind is out of control. In those areas, it makes decisions, plans and takes actions over and over, to no avail.

The conscious mind will know that something is wrong when it runs up against one of those protections or beliefs and finds it impossible to achieve what it wants. If the block, protection, belief or program is not solved or healed, the conscious mind will spend a lifetime trying to figure out why it has no power and is out of control, it will become frustrated, angry, confused and judge it a failure. If the struggle is too great and too big of a failure, and the conscious mind cannot find a way around or through the block, sometimes the conscious mind gives up.

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