Is the Smoking Habit Caused by Nicotine?

The answer is NO. There is no doubt that nicotine plus all the other chemicals are extremely dangerous for our health and our lungs, but it is not the cause of smoking. It is the subconscious mind that is the culprit and this is why. The subconscious mind has a job and that job is to give us pleasure and for the smoker, smoking is pleasurable. Since its job is to give us pleasure it then attaches the pleasure of smoking to something that does not make us feel pleasure such as boredom, loneliness, stress and many other unpleasant feelings. So, let's take boredom, for instance, whenever we get bored it isn't the conscious mind telling us to get a cigarette, it is the subconscious mind automatically lifting up our arm and reaching into our pocket to pull out a cigarette. For the time we are smoking the cigarette we are out of boredom and usually for 15 to 30 minutes after we have finished the cigarette until the boredom sets back in again. Once the boredom sets back in the subconscious mind automatically tells the arm again to lift up and pull a cigarette from our pocket. HYPNOSIS doesn't stop the boredom, what it does is to replace the pleasure of the cigarette with something else more positive and beneficial for the smoker and in doing so the smoking is no longer a factor, the urge goes away and the person becomes a non-smoker. By the subconscious mind making that change there is no withdraws when we stop smoking. There is one factor that is extremely important in order for HYPNOSIS to work and that is the person coming to me must want to quit and has made a decision to quit. If they are absolutely positive they want to quit then the chances of HYPNOSIS working is about 90 to 95% effective otherwise it could go as low as 20 to 40 percent will work.

During this process, we give the subconscious mind a post-hypnotic suggestion that they will eat healthily and keep their desired weight. By putting this post- hypnotic suggestion in the subconscious mind it will not attach itself to the pleasure of food like it did with smoking and they will not gain any weight because they stopped smoking. The reason many people decide not to quit smoking is that they are afraid that by quitting smoking they will gain weight, but with my HYPNOSIS method, there will be no weight gain.

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