There are millions of people that have unbearable pain but no one can find any physical reason for it, they call it "UNEXPLAINED PAIN." Most of these people put doses and doses of pain pills into their body (unwanted chemicals) that could be damaging to their bodies, their organs and different systems in their bodies and after awhile, the pills no longer have any effect on the pain. Once the pills have no lasting effect on the pain they start looking for stronger pills and after a while there is nothing that can help them.

This article is about hope. It is about hypnosis deleting the pain. It is about your being open to the possibility of hypnosis eliminating the pain. It is about my showing you how to get into your subconscious mind to let go of the pain through hypnosis.

If there is no physical reason why the pain should be there then the pain is just an "UNWANTED BEHAVIOR" and unwanted behaviors can be cured or removed in hypnosis. What causes the pain is a subconscious negative feeling that lies just behind or under the unwanted behavior (PAIN). It is a feeling that was probable created somewhere in childhood but could also have been created as an adult, but not as likely.

To give you a better idea as to how these feelings are programmed into our subconscious mind go to the HOME page of my web site and read some of the articles, start with "Which Mind is in Control, the Conscious or the Subconscious or The Job of the Subconscious Mind and there are other articles that explain feelings and how powerful they are and how these negative control us and lodge in our bodies. There are other articles you can read in order to see how the negative feelings we created as children were programmed into our subconscious mind and now are lodged in our bodies as adults which then shows up as pain.

The solution is hypnosis and while in hypnosis we can find out what the feeling is that's causing the pain, discover where it came from and then delete it so there is no reason for the pain to be there anymore. If this article got your attention and you have unexplained pain, call me at 951) 961-9000.

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