We Manifest Only What We Believe

This is an interesting part of our life. It's about having what you want, it is absolutely a must that you know "WHAT YOU WANT." Unless you know what you want you can't have anything. Sometimes people think they know what they want but the truth is they really don't know what they want otherwise much of the time they would have what they want unless there is a negative belief in the way stopping them.

This is how it works, if you are absolutely sure you know what you want but can't get what you want then there is a belief in the way of you having, being or getting what you want. It is simple, "You don't manifest what you want you manifest what you believe." So if you believe you can have what you want then you will have it. If you know and want something but you believe you can't have what you want then you will not get what you want. What you want is just a conscious thought what you believe is a subconscious program and that is where all the power is. It is not in the conscious mind it is in the subconscious mind.

It always happens that way, it can't happen any other way because your beliefs are a subconscious belief and your subconscious mind has all the power. The conscious mind has little to no power and that is because It is a learning mind. Its main job is to know what we must do in order to function in this world we live in and then do all the necessary things we need to do in order to prepare ourselves to go and get what we want. The conscious mind goes out to get what it wants and It has no idea that the subconscious mind has a belief programmed into it that believes you should not have what you want until you try and get what you want. Then it spends all kinds of time trying to figure out why you it cannot get what you want. In most cases you could spend the rest of your life trying to figure out what you have not been able to get what you want. What is interesting is Hypnosis can help you figure out what the belief is that is keeping you from getting what you want.

So now you know what you want and you are prepared to go and get what you want except you are not aware that the subconscious has a negative belief that is getting in the way of what you want. It doesn't believe you can have or should have what you want.

This is what I know, no matter what it is that you want but can't get, it is always because of a negative belief buried in your subconscious mind stopping you from getting what you want. In order to finally get what you want you must figure out what the belief is that is keeping you from getting what you want. An example is, you want to be a millionaire and you know you have the skills and education to be a millionaire but you just can't get close to achieving that want. In order to become a millionaire you must search and find out what the negative belief is keeping you from becoming a millionaire and you can do this through possibly medication and for sure Hypnosis. When you have discovered that from the time you were a baby your mother constantly said that there is "not enough money" because your father was a gambler and always spent the money gambling. So as a child you created a belief that there is not enough money and that was programmed into your subconscious mind. Even though your conscious mind wanted to be a millionaire your subconscious mind believed there is not enough money and as a result your subconscious mind would not allow you to have enough money to be a millionaire. If it did allow you to be a millionaire then it would be wrong and beliefs are not willing to be wrong. To be a millionaire you have to eliminate or change that belief that there is not enough money before you can be a millionaire. Once you have changed that belief you will find yourself becoming a millionaire. For more of my articles go to www.hypnosiscentersoca.com.

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