Living the Moment

Saying and Living in the Moment is easy to say but actually Living in the Moment is not an easy thing to do. Living in the Moment means we are not thinking about something from the past or we a are not thinking about the future. If you are not thinking about the past nor thinking about the future then you are living In the Moment. If we are thinking about the past we will probably create things that happened in our past and we will be out of the moment and out of focus. If you are not living in the future you spend your time trying to control things before the future gets here so we can get what we think we should have in the future and we will be out of the moment and out of focus. This may be hard to believe but if you can Live in the Moment you can have anything you want with no struggle, the problem is we must trust we will get it.

You see if we live in the past we are thinking about things that happened to us in the past that hurt us either emotionally or physically and in many cases, we have a fear that it will happen again the same way they did in the past. The truth is the past is gone; we can never have that again unless we constantly think and live in the fear of the past. Usually, when we are living in the past we are living in a negative state of thinking and then we create negative things because of our thinking. We never live in the past if we are thinking about positive things, it just doesn't happen that way; it is always negative thoughts that come to the mind that put us in the past. People who always create negative things are living in a negative past because they believe that is all there is and that is the way it is supposed to be nothing can be positive. They begin to believe there is no hope, nothing will change and again it is their negative thinking, guess what they get to be right "nothing changes" when we live in the past and it doesn't. What happens is our life becomes a vicious circle, nothing good comes to them.

People who live in the Future are always trying to Control things so they get what they want and the truth is many of them do get what they want, although it is a lot of work trying to control things around us so we can get what you want, it will ware us out and make a old person out of you before your time. Most of the time people get worn out before they get what they want and a lot of the time they just quit whatever it is they are trying to control because it is too much work.

Living in the moment is just asking for what we want and letting it go, don't have any negative thoughts about what happened to us in the past and don't try to control everything in order to get what you want. Letting go means just trusting the Higher Power within us that it will get us whatever we want, that's what Letting Go is all about and that is a most difficult thing for 99.9 percent of the human race to do, we don't trust that the higher power will get us what we want.

One last thing, the best athletics on the planet all live in the moment especially when they are competing, that is the only way they can keep their focus. They lose focus by living in the past and they lose focus when living in the future.

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