The Little Quiet Voice Within

We know but we don't know about, "The Little Quiet Voice Within" which is constantly there talking to us. It comes from negative events and beliefs that happened to us when we were children. This negative voice is powerful and it can stop us in our tracks from doing things we want to do and it is also the voice that keeps us from getting what we want in life. This voice can be a negative voice or a positive voice. It all depends on whether we have negative feelings programmed within from childhood or if we have positive feelings programmed within from childhood.

Let me explain about negative feelings first. Negative feelings are feelings such as the feeling of REJECTION which will stop us in our tracks. Let's say we are a talented actor or actress but we have a fear of being rejected and because of that fear of being REJECTED that little voice will keep us from performing at our very best or performing at all because we may get rejected. Because we have the fear of being rejected we probably won't take the action necessary to become an actor or actress. We may look good by talking the talk or by going to classes or courses and pretending we are going to be an actor or actress but that's about as far as we go. To start the action we would have to go to casting calls and all the other things we need to do in order to start our career but we don't because of the fear of being rejected. That little quiet voice within will say things to us like, you are not good enough and you will be rejected, look at how good all of my peers are, they are much better than me, I can't match up with them, what if I make a mistake, what if I forget my lines I could be rejected and of course no action is ever taken.

If there is some action taken it will usually be from a weak position instead of a power position. You see if we have a fear of being rejected we become weak we lose our power and our confidence, we may even talk softly and probably have no expression in our face, and our body language is way off and we hold back which shows us as being weak. The bottom line is we don't get the part and of course, we look at it as being rejected again, we get to be right, we got rejected. That event where we just got rejected re-enforces our rejection feeling within and makes it stronger to overcome the next time we try until we eventually stop doing casting calls altogether and then stop pursuing our career, we did not get what we wanted.

The sad part of this whole things is, there are hundreds of negative feelings and every one of these feelings stop us from getting what we want somewhere or somehow in our life, I guarantee you that. That is why it is so important to listen and find out what that little quiet voice within is saying to us and figure out how it is getting in the way of our life working the way we want it to be and do.

Now let me talk about the positive quiet little voice within, it is also there just like the negative voice the only difference is it talks to us in positive ways and it also talks to us constantly. The main difference is it has no or very few negative feelings programmed within. If we want to do or have something, or have something it is a voice that talks like this, that's no problem you can do it, you will be the best at what everyou decide to do, you are the best at whatever you decide to do, no one is better then you, it will turn out perfect and the list goes on and on. So when we think and feel that way it is exactly what we get, whatever we ask for, there is no doubt that we won't get it.

These people are usually people who came from family's that nurtured them as a child. What I mean when I say nurtured is this, they did not constantly hug them and tell them they loved them and I am not saying that is wrong. What I am saying is they are parents that as soon as the child can be laid in a crib they started telling them they are perfect just the way they are, they can be anything they want to be, they can have anything that they want, they are not afraid of people, they love themselves and so on and so on. The parents instill power in them by saying all those positive things to them as a child instead of taking power away from them by saying negative things and hurting them. These children grow up into adulthood to be powerful, successful, love themselves, are motivated and can have, do and are anything they want and that is because what was programmed into the "Little Quiet Voice Within." Even if you wanted to make these people think and feel negative it would be impossible, they are already programmed to think and feel positive. What a great place to be.

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