It is too bad the actor Heath Ledger had to die taking drugs because his problem was Insomnia. Insomnia can be solved with hypnosis and the sad part is that 99 percent of the population have no idea that it can be solved through hypnosis and in many cases in just one session. The sad part is that doctors don’t know it can be solved through hypnosis. If doctors do know that hypnosis can solve insomnia then they should send them to a hypnotherapist not fill them with drugs (TRYING) to solve the Insomnia problem. I used the word TRY and the reason I use that word is because using drugs is just putting a bandage on the problem and not solving the problem. Hypnosis is the solution to the Insomnia problem.

Insomnia is just a inner fear within our subconscious mind trying to get out. It tries to get out at night while the mind is somewhat quiet but in doing so it wakes the person up and in many cases keeps them up all night. Teeth grinding at night is also the same problem as Insomnia; it is a fear trying to get out while the mind is some what quiet. There are other ways that fears try and get out of our subconscious mind during our awaking hours and they are problems such as sweating palms, hives, shingles and the list could go on and on where doctors (TRY) and solve them with drugs.

I know there are millions and millions of people that have Insomnia and if you are one of them and you are reading this article I would suggest you give me a call so you can stop taking pills. For many of you it may only take one session to totally get rid of your insomnia and solve the problem forever, for others it could take several sessions but you can eliminate your Insomnia through HYPNOSIS, call 951) 961-9000 and ask for Lawrence

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