Fear is the ONLY thing that keeps us from doing and having what we want and what we need. We could be the most skilled race car driver, dirt bike rider, football player, golfer or even intelligent enough to have a lot of money, but if we have a fear, no matter how small we cannot achieve being the best, having what we want or in many cases what we need. If you are a dirt bike rider or any of the above and find yourself never coming in first but you know you are the most skilled and the smartest at what you do, then you have some type of fear that is keeping you from achieving that first place trophy, it's that simple, you have some type of fear programmed into your subconscious mind.

Fear, anxiety and panic are the feelings that are protecting you from getting hurt again either physically or emotionally. Your conscious mind might be saying, you have the talent, you are smart and you have the skills to be the best in your field and it knows that because it lives in your real world. It talks to you in thoughts which tells you what you should do based on what you want and what it sees going on in your reality world. The subconscious mind talks to us in feelings which are power and that feeling power drives us. Since the conscious mind talks to us in thoughts, thoughts have no power. The reason we don't win even though the conscious mind wants to win and knows we can win is because thoughts have no power and cannot over ride our inner negative fear feelings.

People who have fears of having a lot of money are people who could have a fear of not deserving (if you feel you don't deserve you certainly will not allow yourself to have a lot of money), not good enough (if you feel you are not good enough it is almost impossible for you to have a lot of money because you don't feel you are good enough to have a lot of money) and a fear that there is not enough (if you have a fear that there is not enough then you will never allow yourself to have enough or more then what you think is enough if you get to much you will sabotage it). If you find yourself always struggling to survive because you don't have enough money then you have some kind of fear about having money that is getting in the way of your having money.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be in life based on the feelings and beliefs you programmed into your subconscious mind, mostly from childhood, which have now become fears when we become an adult. You can't be any further in your life or any place else in your life except where you are at.

If your income and success is created from being in the sports world and you are not number ONE or making the MONEY you want to make and you consciously know you are capable of making being the best in your field or having a lot of money then you have some type of fear that is blocking you from achieving this.

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