Crative Energy

Everything is operated in some way by the use of energy.  Some energy is microwave electric and some of it is high powered electric.  Our heart for instance is a micro-electric impulse.  Our brain has micro-electric impulses, we talk on the cellular phones by means of different frequency microwaves of electric, the weather creates electric by means of lighting and we run our plants by means of high voltage electricity.

I have a theory that the feelings that we have which come from our subconscious mind creates a micro electric impulse.  What happens when we know what we want weather it be positive of negative, the feeling that we have when we know what we want sends a micro electric impulse into the universe and begins to create exactly what we are wanting either positive or negative.  For instance, if we think we want money but we have a doubt (doubt is a negative feeling)that we might feel we don't deserve it,  then the money we think we want is really an illusion because the doubt, which is a feeling created by our subconscious mind that we doubt that we  deserve it is so powerful that it blocks the positive micro electric impulse and we don't get the money.  The truth is what we really want is what we can't get it because we doubt that we deserve it.  By the way the feeling that we don't deserve money was programmed into our computer hard drive (our subconscious mind) somewhere prior in our life, probably when we were a child.  We don't deserve money is just a decision we made subconsciously and programmed into our computer hard drive.

If we think, which comes from our conscious mind, which is a thought, that we want something such as money, but we don't feel we deserve it, which is a feeling that comes from our subconscious mind, then the truth is we really don't want it and we won't get it because of the energy or power of the subconscious mind and its negative feeling.  That is where the energy comes from, the subconscious mind.  The feeling is what sends the micro electric impulse out and gets us want we really what, not what we think we want.  Just remember, thoughts have no power and feelings have all the energy and power.  Even though we think we want something, if we don't feel that we want it then we won't get it

So energy in this case is micro electric energy so minute that it may not be able to be measured, but because of my work, eliminating negative feelings or energy does change the energy and changes what the person ends up getting.

My theory is that depending upon what feelings we have programmed into our computer or hard drive creates the level of micro-electric impulse that comes off of us which goes out into the universe and creates the things that we attract into our life.  If we have negative feelings we attract negative experiences and if positive feelings we attract positive experiences. Of course I have no proof of that except from the clients that I work with, when they eliminate a negative feeling through Hypnotherapy their experience changes from negative to positive and they find they are attracting positive things in their life instead of negative thing, plus they have a knowing that they can have and get what they want without any doubt.

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