If you are not where you want to be in your life it is because of the choices you made throughout your entire life caused "You to be exactly where you are supposed to be today at this moment." Life is about CHOICES and that is what my book is about; the choices we make and how those choices fashioned our life to be exactly where we are today. Ninety Nine Percent of the choices we make as an adult are based on feelings and beliefs we carry within from childhood. If our feelings are positive feelings then most of our choices will be positive choices and beneficial for us. If we carry around negative feelings then most our choices we make will be negative choices that will be a liability for us, it's that simple. What is happening right now in your life is a culmination of the choices you made throughout our entire life because what we decided as a child. Because of these choices we can't be wealthier or poorer, we can't have a better job or worse job, (bring the two sentences together)we can't have a bigger home or smaller home we are exactly where we are supposed to be, we can't be anywhere else. We are totally responsible for those choices we made and where we are in our life today, no one else is responsible.

There are several areas where we make choices that are not beneficial for us. (Delete what is between these two sentences) They were caused because of our having negative programming in our subconscious mind as children. The other area is when someone lies to us and we believe the lie. When that happens we make a choice from the lie which is Ninety Five percent of the time the wrong choice, it happens all the time people lie to us and we believe it and then we choose from that lie. In order for us to make a good and positive choice we must choose from the truth. Choosing from a lie will almost all the time cause us to make the wrong choice and will almost all the time create negative results. If someone lies to us and we believe it, it is almost impossible for us to make the right choice for us or a positive choice.

Everything we do, how we are, where we are, what we are, how we look, how much money we have and even the diseases we have is because of the choices we make. People who are overweight are overweight because they choose to be overweight, people who are depressed are depressed because they choose to be, people who smoke choose to smoke, people who have fears choose to have fears. Everything we do, be and have in life is because of our choices, life is choice weather positive or negative. If you are choosing negative choices and creating negative results it is because you have either negative beliefs or negative feelings subconsciously. Those negative beliefs and feelings can be reprogrammed and changed through hypnotherapy.

Lawrence I. Miller CHT, C.I., I have been in hypnotherapy private practice for over 30 years working totally in individual hypnotherapy. The article is from the first page of my book called CHOICES. About how we create our negative or positive lives because of the choices we made throughout our life and how negative choices can be changed through hypnotherapy. If this any of this sounds like you, I have a free no limit phone consultation, call me at 951) 961-9000.

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