Children acquire beliefs. Children collect beliefs about everything that happens to them, especially what their parents tell them. It is more difficult to acquire beliefs as an adult, although we do, but not as easily and rapidly as during childhood. As we grow older, from 2 years old to approximately 9 to 12 years old, we will embed into our head, various beliefs, just as we place data onto the hard drive of a computer.

Beliefs come from listening to our parents. They also come from other types of experiences. As a child, beliefs form quickl. If the experience is negative, and many of our childhood experiences are negative, they shape the future person we become in a negative way.

When we have an experience as a child, there is always some type of belief that is part of the experience. Beliefs come with experiences because when we have an experience we believe something about that experience. If it is a negative experience, we will have a negative belief. If it is a positive experience we will have a positive belief. Many times the belief from the experiences we had as a child will be the same if we have the same or similar type of experience as an adult, but that is not true, unless we believe it. If we see the world naturally then every experience we have will be different and we will experience them differently even if one of them is similar to a past experience.  If we have a belief about an experience we are about to have then we go into the experience trying to control the experience the way we think it should be so it will look like the other original one.  By doing this we don't experience the experience naturally.
What happens when we believe a similar experience will be the same as the last similar experience we had is this.  We go into the experience with expectations about the experience and how the experience is going to be.  We subconsciously try and control the experience so it will be the same as the last similar experience so our belief will get to be right.  We don't experience the new similar experience naturally, we are projecting our beliefs from the past experience into the present experience and as a result we try to change it which stops the current experience from being natural.  If we did not like the last similar experience we had we will see and control the new experience so it is negative just like the last time we experienced the similar experience, we will project a negative projection onto the experience.  The same thing is true for a similar experience we liked, we will see and control the experience so we like the new experience just like we liked the original experience.  By letting each experience be natural and don't try and control the experience to meet our expectations, it is possible that the experience that we thought would be negative could be positive and the opposite, a positive experience could be negative.  Every experience is different even if it seems like it could be like the original experience.  What I am saying is this, we will experience the same experience differently every time we experience the same experience, unless we have created a belief about the similar experience.  If we created a belief that an experience we had was negative then every time we experience a similar experience the chances are we will have the same experience of negativity when having the experience. 
The problem with that is this, children don't know that every experience is different even though it looks to them like they are having the same experience. As a result when they have an experience they then type in a belief into their computer hard drive that if they ever have a similar experience it will be the same as the original.  If they typed into their computer hard drive a negative belief that a similar experience will be negative or even hurt them, then they will never allow themselves to get involved in a similar experience even as an adult.  If as an adult they have to experience a similar experience in order to get ahead, get a job, have a relationship or anything that would cause them to get involved in a similar experience, the belief will stop them from doing whatever it is and as a result could keep them from getting what they need and want.  As an adult the belief can become a block or a wall for them. 
In order to help children from acquiring a lot of negative beliefs, we as adults should do our best to tell our children that the experiences they will have about anything will be and can be different the next time they have a similar experience, that an experience is always different the next time even if it is a similar experience. This lets the child and the adult later experience each similar type experience naturally and they will experience each experience different, they will get the most out of the experience and life because they allow each experience in their life to be natural.
Once we decide that what we heard, experienced or read is true and believe it is true, we then type that belief into our computer hard drive our subconscious mind and it becomes a part of our lives and very powerful part of our lives.  The reason a belief is powerful is because a belief is not willing to be wrong, it will fight you to the end in order to be right, it will sabotage whatever you are doing in order to be right, it will block every step that you take and beliefs become blocks in every area of your life that you have a belief about. 
It is much better to have no beliefs about everything because if you had no beliefs then nothing can stop us from doing anything we want.  I am not a religious person but I believe (and this is a belief I have) that Jesus Christ had no beliefs at all.  I say that because he feed thousands of people with just seven loaves of bread and seven fish.  If he had a belief that there was not enough then there would not have been enough.  If he believed that he could not walk on water then he would not have been able to walk on water as he did.  So, it is possible that all of us could walk on water but it is also possible that our belief we can't walk on water is keeping us from walking on water.  Just be open to the possibility of that.  Maybe I am exaggerating but maybe I am not, all I know is that what we believe will stop us in our tracks and puts the most powerful blocks in front of us, so huge that we become stifled and are unable to move in certain areas of our lives, depending upon where we have beliefs. 
Just to give you an example regarding beliefs.  This example is about my beliefs, one a positive one, the other one a negative one.  The two are actually fighting each other and as a result keeping me from getting what I want and deserve.  I have no intention of deleting or getting rid of the positive belief but I have been working on deleting the negative belief.  At the time of this writing the positive one is just as powerful as always.  I just recently discovered the negative belief and I have been working on deleting it through hypnotherapy.  Because of the work I have been doing it has become less and less powerful but still has some power.  Now let me tell you what these belief are.  I made a decision to program the beliefs into my computer hard drive as a child and this is how they affect me today as an adult. 
The positive belief came from my dad at a very early age, probably 5 to 6 years old.  He constantly told me that "I could do anything I wanted to do and whatever I did I would do well."  I typed that belief into my computer hard drive and to this day I totally believe that.  During my life I have done many different things and have had many different occupations and every time that I decided to do something different I did well, it was easy for me to figure out what I was wanting to do and then do it well.  Anything I wanted to do was easy for me and I just knew and believed that I would do them well.  I didn't even think that I would not be able to do something well, I just believed I could and I did.  That is what he told me, "anything I decided to do something I would do it well."
Knowing this you would think I should be wealthy, but I am not.  The reason I am not is because of the other negative belief I decided to believe.  I was about the same age when I typed the negative belief into my computer hard drive.  My father was a gambler and he constantly lost money that was needed in order for my mother to purchase the necessary things and supplies for the house in order for her to feel safe and secure.  Because of his gambling and constantly losing money it was a constant battle for her trying to find the money needed in order for the family to function properly.  As a result she constantly said that "there was never enough" not enough money, food, clothes, not enough of everything, but mostly money.  After hearing it enough times I decided that what she was saying "there was not enough money" was true, I believed her, it became my belief and still is as of this writing but a lot less powerful. 
Having this belief made it impossible to have enough money because if I were to be wealthy and have enough money which would allow me to have enough of everything, then the belief would have to be wrong and it was not willing to be wrong.  Even though I did everything I did well I couldn't be wealthy because I believed that "there is not enough money."  What happened was these beliefs were fighting each other at the same time, they were in conflict with each other.  Even though I did everything well I always sabotaged the money I made from doing things well.  Whenever I had more money than I was supposed to have I sabotaged it in order make sure I did not accumulate and save more money than I was supposed to have. Because of my fear "there is not enough money" I have always lived on the edge of having just enough money and sometimes almost broke, barely enough. I have lived on the border of "there is not enough money" all my life even though anything I did I did well. Because of the negative belief it was impossible for me to have more than enough, it will not allow the positive belief of "I can do anything I want to do and do it well" and be successful. It has always allowed me to do anything I want well and do it well but until I eliminated that belief I have never been successful at accumulating or saving any amount of money in doing things well, the belief just wouldn't allow that to happen. That belief that "there is not enough money" was the reason I did not have children because I had a fear that "there would not be enough money" to raise my kids properly and afford them the things they need.
If my father was not a gambler and there would of been enough money in the household to have the things we needed so my mother would have felt safe and secure, I would not have that belief today and probable would be wealthy because of something I did and did well.  
This is a belief of one of my clients.  A father criticizes his young son that he will never make anything of himself and he could never make it to the top.  He told his son he is useless and he is no good.
This really hurt the son and because of the pain and hurt he makes a decision and typed it into his computer hard drive that when he gets to be an adult he will prove to his father that he can make something of himself and that his father will respect him once he makes it, and he'll show him.  The hurt caused him to make a decision to make something of his life, to prove to his father he was wrong.  In his father criticizing him he also took on a belief and the belief was that he could never be the best.  He would be successful but would never be the best.  He would prove himself but would always fall short of being or winning the best prestige award in his field.
That belief will make sure that he will never be the best.  He may come close to being the best but as he approaches the top he will start thinking and doubting that he can be the best.  He will start doubting that he is the best and that's because the belief is doing its job, stopping him from being the very, very best.  Beliefs cause doubts and as long as we don't have beliefs we don't have doubts.  With no doubts we can do anything we want to do, but as soon as a doubt pops into our mind, it will interfere with our success, it causes us to lose our concentration and our focus and the doubt will stop us from doing our very best.  All beliefs can be reprogrammed through hypnotherapy.  All that has to be done is the person with the belief has to believe that Hypnotherapy can reprogram the belief plus they have to want to reprogram the belief.
How do you know you have a belief.  Beliefs do not have a feeling attached to them, only protections have a feeling attached to them.  There are numerous reasons and here are some.  if you want something and you know you have what it takes to get the something you want but you can't get it no matter how hard you try, the chances are you have a belief stopping you as long as there is not a feeling attached to what is stopping you.  If something blocks you at every corner you turn the chances are you have a belief about something and the something is causing the blockage as long as there is no feeling attached to the blockage.  If you find yourself sabotaging your success all the time, the chances are you have a belief causing the sabotage as long as there is not a feeling attached to the sabotage.  If you want money but don't have it and no matter how hard you try to acquire it you are unsuccessful, the chances are you have a belief as long as there is not a feeling attached to the money.  If you want a relationship but can't seem to go out and get one, you want it but something is holding you back, the chances are you have a belief as long as there is no feeling attached to the fear of a relationship.  Anything you find yourself wanting but can't get no matter how hard you think you are trying to get it, the chances are you have a belief as long as there is no feeling attached to whatever you are trying to get.
As children we decide and believe something about every event we are involved in.  An event is just an event, it is something that happens in our lives.  During the event we will have an experience and because of the experience we will make a belief about the experience we had over the event.  Sometimes over the event we will also program in a negative feeling or a protection.   We would have been better off if we just experienced the event and had no beliefs about the experience we had about the event, but since we are children and we are not mature enough at the time we experienced the event, we decide something about the experience we had from the event which becomes a belief.
You may think that there is nothing wrong about that and in many cases there isn't, but in many cases there is.  The problem is, if we decide and believe something about the experience we had regarding the event and the decision or belief is negative, it could and most probably will affect how we approach a similar event in the future when we become adults.  We will look at the event as negative and stay away from it.  It may keep us away from our doing something we need to do as an adult in order to get us what we want, it could stop us from getting what we want.
Just remember an event is just an event and it has nothing to do with anything, it is what we decided and believed when we were children about the event that makes us believe the event is negative or positive.  If we had an experience as a child that will cause us to experience the events in the future in a negative way and as a result we will not experience the current event naturally, we will see it through fogged glasses.  Our Beliefs can make us see the outside world completely different then the way it actually is, it can make it look hard, rough, unsafe, frightening, walls everywhere and make things extremely difficult.
It is just as bad to experience an event having a positive belief because then we will experience future similar events in an unnatural way. It could cause us to go into a similar believing the event will be positive when in fact the event turns out to be a negative experience and causes us to feel disappointed. By having a belief about something weather negative or positive, will keep us from seeing the things around us the way they really are, naturally. It is so important to try and have no beliefs about anything so we can allow ourselves to experience every event in a natural way. It is also very, very important to not tell children negative things that will cause them to have a belief about something that will not allow them to see things naturally.

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